Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

In a nutshell, the modern-day Prepper is a Survivalist. A Prepper is a person who actively prepares for emergencies such as natural disasters, war, social unrest, or disruptions in food, water, or fuel supplies. Some Preppers learn martial arts or archery skills, others store weapons and ammo, but most stockpile food, water, fuel, and medical supplies in an effort to become more self-sufficient and prepared for any catastrophe. There are also those Preppers who build above or below ground structures, or convert vehicles to help their families survive disasters.

The discerning Prepper doesn’t only prep for disasters, but also 7.62×39 hunting ammo for loss of a job, illness, family emergencies, etc. Would you rather have a full pantry or an empty one if you should suddenly lose your job or get ill and can’t work for a period of time? You never know what is around the corner.

Now some people think Preppers are selfish people because they stockpile food, medicines, water, etc., but these people are usually the naysayers of this world. They are the type of person who would never prepare for anything, who think “it would never happen to them.” Well guess what, it can, and it will. Remember Katrina? Super-storm Sandy, the recent toxic spill in West Virginia? Preppers are not whackos (although admittedly there are some that come really close), nor are they uneducated. In fact some of the Preppers I know are highly educated people who have educated themselves in self-reliance and prepping and will be ready. Will you be ready when the catastrophe waiting to happen… happens?

Historically there have always been Preppers. Before we had grocery stores and vehicles we were far more self-reliant. We used to grow and preserve much of our own food and barter with others for what we didn’t produce ourselves or for services. If something bad happened, there was no FEMA or Red Cross to bail us out, all we had to rely upon was ourselves. For the most part we used natural remedies for a variety of afflictions and we looked after our tools, handmade clothes, and possessions. As you can see, in the past we were all Preppers of a kind, with skills, many of which have been forgotten. Thankfully many people are realizing there is still so much value in these old skills and knowledge and are re-learning them everyday.

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