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Introduction: The latest research that was performed for Google, showed that Google’s search algorithms process over 2 billion queries every single day! Should you as an Internet Marketer omit to leverage from this enormous amount of traffic? What would be the outcome for your bank statement if you managed to navigate only 0,0000001% (or even less) of that traffic towards your website?(!) In order to make money with Google you need to try to get your slice of that amazingly big pie and there is only one way! In October 2000 Google introduced a self-served model for text ads which they called AdWords. Their main announcement back then was: “Have a credit card and 5 minutes? Get your ad on Google today”.

AdWords Needs Training: Let me get something straight here. You need to have developed a certain number of competencies and in a certain number of fields (PPC, Article Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Web Hosting, Keyword Research, E-mail Marketing, Web-Site development and the list goes on) if you want to make money with Google and AdWords. You need to have fulfilled a number of training courses on all those fields and possess a moderate skill level on all of them. Only if you are ready to use this precise knowledge and follow exactly what I am about to show below, only then you can see the money come in.

AdWords Sponsored Results: Stop reading this article right now and open up a new tab on your web browser visiting your local (or international) Google page. Type in your name (first and last name) in two words, click search and see what happens. You really need to understand this if you want to make money with Google. The search engine gives you back results related to your keyword which in this case is your full name. Pages and pages are indexed under Google’s search algorithm and they all contain your name. Did you notice that the right hand side of the screen is empty? Yes, if you try to remember your daily searches, the right hand side of the screen is always full of the so-called sponsored results. Go ahead and try it now by typing: affiliate marketing. You will see that it’s full of all these sponsored results of people who are paying Google to list them under their first page.

Experiment With AdWords Results: This is perhaps the first thing you need to understand if you want one day to make money with Google. Go ahead and Buy Google Reviews experiment with the search engine. Try searching for example for big brands in any field you can imagine: cars, electronics, clothing, sporting goods, cell-phones, you name it. You will always see that there are individuals and companies willing to pay from $0,01 up to $15 per click or even more to promote their company or affiliate site!

Interesting AdWords Facts: You need to place your ad the same way these individuals or companies do and you need to be on the first page of Google and list your site for specific keywords (search queries) if you want to make money with Google. Google has invested hundreds and hundreds of billions (yes, you heard me right) in making AdWords really work. And they have really made it if you consider that in the search marketing market, Google has taken the largest (by far) share when competing with Bing, Yahoo and all the other smaller search engines. It is found that more than 75% of the world’s daily searches are performed using Google. This is an amazing achievement for Google but also for all of us as affiliate marketers.

AdWords Is Not Straight Forward: Although all the above might sound pretty straight forward, in fact to get yourself listed on the first results page and make money with Google, is not an easy task at all. In fact it is very difficult and complicated and if you try it right now by yourself I can guarantee you that you will be wasting your money.

SO FAR AWAY From Success: You can go ahead and create an AdWords account right now (you will be up and running within minutes). You can also set-up a simple campaign with a few keywords to start with. You would even be able to rank on the first page and first slot of Google’s sponsored results within 30 minutes or so, but all this is SO FAR AWAY from being in a position to make money with Google. And to do that you need to understand keywords, ad copies, Google’s quality score, content relevance, biding techniques, ad group settings, campaign parameters and many other bits and pieces of the AdWords gear wheel.

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