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Punjabi is an old language that started from Devnagri, the content of Hindi language. The content utilized for this language is presently known as Gurmukhi and is generally used to make Punjabi Literature books.

Since the time when the primary writing in this language showed up in eleventh century, it has taken a few a long ways and has now become one of the noticeable writing structures. The credit for the turn of events and prominence of Punjabi writing books goes to the scholars who have contributed a great deal for its upliftment. Here is the rundown of the absolute most well known and nangs delivery brisbane Punjabi scholars.

sixteenth to eighteenth Century journalists

Shah Hussain

King Bahu

Ali Haider

Bulleh Shah

Shah Sharaf

Waris Shah

Shah Mohammad

eighteenth to twentieth Century Writers

Nanak Singh

Vir Singh

Puran Singh

Diwan Singh

Dhani Ram Chatrik

Ustad Daman

Shareef Kunjahi

Prof. Mohan Singh

twentieth Century to Present

Mir Tanha Yousafi

Ahmad Salim

Shafqat Tanvir Mirza

Fakhar Zaman

Najim Hosain Syed

Afzal Ahsan Randhawa

Munir Niazi

Amrita Pritam

Shiv Kumar Batalvi

Surjit Paatar

Dalip Kaur Tiwana

Charan Singh Shaheed

Heera Singh Dard

Nanak Singh

Joshua Fazal Deen

Roop Dhillon

Harjeet Singh Atwal

Mazhar Tirmazi

Surjit Kalsi

Ajaib Kamal

Among these 21st century scholars, Amrita Pritam is one of the greatest flying names who are considered as the primary conspicuous lady artists and authors for Punjabi writing books. Brought into the world in 1919, she is recognized as an essayist having equivalent liking for the two India and Pakistan. She is known as the voice of ladies in Punjabi writing books and furthermore won a few esteemed grants like Sahitya Akademi Award – An artistic distinction by India’s National Academy of Letters, Bhartiya Jnanpith – India’s most elevated abstract honor, Padma Vibhushan – second most elevated regular citizen grant in India. Amrita Pritam is most popular for her manifestations; Pinjar – the novel, Ajj Akhaan Waris Shah Nu – the sonnet and Rasidi Ticket-her own memoir.

Furthermore, there is another essayist of Punjabi writing books who has acquired monstrous greatness as a lady author. Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana is one of the first essayists of Punjabi writing books and composed a major assortment of books, brief tales and histories. She was brought into the world in 1935 and expressed her vocation as an educationist. Her manifestations; Ehu Hamara Jeewana, Peele Patian di Daastan, Nange Pairan da Safar won her few honors including Sahitya Akademi grant, Best Novelist of the Decade (1980-90), Saraswati Samman and Ministry of Education and Social Welfare grant among a few others.

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