Sport betting guidelines

Sport betting guidelines

Guideline 1. Backward Line Movement

Examining betting trends information and line movement can assist you in determining which games are being bet on by sharp money bettors (wagers put by sharps, wiseguys, or betting syndicates).


One of the most well-liked and straightforward strategies employed by Sports Insights to increase value in the sports betting market is betting against the public. The logic to this strategy is very simple because simple reasoning says you should always think about taking the underdog position. 

Just wager on the opposing team no matter which team the public is betting heavily on. Sportsbooks are in operation for a reason. We’ve taken exceptional measures to demonstrate clearly that the betting technique known as “betting against the public” (also known as “fading the public”) will result in a profit.

Guideline 3. Playing from the best line.

Playing from the best line

We advise researching several sportsbooks so that you may compare sportsbook lines and get the best figure before placing a wager. It’s simple to increase your winning percentage over the course of a season by looking for the best sportsbook.

If you want a sportsbook with a big bonus and great customer service, you should think about 20Bet.

Guideline 4. Significant line moves

A huge line move is an abrupt, significant, and consistent line movement over the entire sports betting industry. In most situations, this happens as a result of betting groups, betting mafias, and a few important players having the resources to “go down heavy” at several sites at once. This is frequently the result of a sudden overload of bets at several sportsbooks. This strategy helps identify value. A significant line move study explains how to analyse point changes across the sports betting market.

Guideline 5. Specialise in a Market or Sport

Specialise in a Market or Sport

You can bet on a huge range of sports and markets at sportsbooks today. And while it can be tempting to try out many different sports and types of bets, it is much better to focus on just one sport and one type of bet.

You could focus on a league and spend some time researching market trends and line movement. A strategy like this will make it easier for you to get ahead in the long run.

Guideline 6. Importance Wagering unit won

It is the most essential value when analysing true betting. Is the total amount of money better gained or lost after taking units won into account? Regardless of a player’s bankroll, it provides an easy approach to comparing a set of moves.

You can use the following formula (where x = odds) to calculate the betting units won on various juices.

• if x > 0 use, (x/100)

• if x < 0 use, (-100/x

This strategy helps players figure out the real worth of any sports betting system by showing them how to compare the number of units won to the percentage of wins.

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