How to enter the Partouche casino in Geneva?

Partouche casino

The Partouche casino is not just a single lambda casino, in reality, it is a whole group or chain of casinos called Partouche. One of their casinos is located in Geneva and is of interest to a lot of gambling enthusiasts. When you like casinos and want to play while being in Geneva, it is quite normal that you want to go to the Partouche casino. But how to get there? We explain to you the conditions of access to this establishment.

The Partouche Casino in Geneva

In Geneva, you can find a lot of casinos, one of which is located not far from the airport, we will even say opposite the airport and only a few kilometers from the city center. You can make the trip from the city center to the casino in just a few minutes and that is very interesting.

The Partouche casinos in Geneva also have a restaurant for players with an appetite to satiate or simply those who wish to sit down at a nice restaurant table and enjoy a good time in good company. The restaurant will, of course, offer gourmet dishes concocted and prepared with care by the chef. We will find bars to share a moment with the people we want around a good cocktail or a good classic drink. The main purpose of this will be to offer not only a moment of pleasure by playing games, but also a moment of relaxation, surrounded by the people we love.

There are a number of games available in the Partouche casino in Geneva:

  • Slot machines.
  • English roulette.
  • Blackjack, etc

It is also important to note that the Partouche casino in Geneva offers many lively evenings to the delight of its customers. The entertainment is very different and varied, we will find shows, concerts, and even after work to decompress.

Go to the Partouche casino in Geneva!

Go to the Partouche casino

Geneva is a city that is located in the very west of the country and has a small population of 200,000 inhabitants or more. The city is well known across the world as the headquarters of various world famous organizations. It also has a very important place from a financial point of view. In short, you will have understood it, it is one of the most important cities in Europe. This is surely why it represents the tourist destination par excellence in Switzerland.

How to access the Partouche casino in Geneva?

To access the Partouche casino in Geneva, certain conditions must be met:

To be of age

The Partouch casino in Geneva is located in a hotel. Of course, access to the hotel is open to everyone. Indeed, families, children and couples, all can come and stay there for a while. However, if you wish to enter and have access to the casino, it will not be possible if you are not over 18 years old. Access to casinos is legally prohibited for minors and therefore for anyone under the age of 18. The Partouche casino respects these regulations and this law to the letter.

The identity document

The identity document

The legal age, and therefore the majority, is not the only condition that must be met in order to have access to the Partouche casino. Indeed, in addition to being over 18 years old, it is imperative that the person presents his card or identity document. This procedure is mandatory, because it will, of course, make it possible to ensure that the person is indeed 18 years old, but also to know the identity of the person. Thus, if the person is among the blacklist of casinos, he will not be able to enter under any circumstances. This identity check is mainly done by security guards posted at the entrance to the casino, but it can also be done using electronic devices.

Appropriate attire

The Partouche Casino in Geneva is not just any casino, indeed, this establishment is rather frequented by very high-ranking people. It is for this reason that they must keep a good reputation. This reputation of luxury casinos, in a way, will have to go through the fact that their customers or the people who frequent them are very well off people. This will mainly pass and be seen by the outfit of the latter, it is for this reason that an appropriate outfit is mandatory to have access to the casino.

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